Two girls on meadow


I like to think that I spend quality time with my two, five and three year old girls. Especially in the garden where we have swings and a tree house and all of the usual assortment of toys to keep them busy on Summer days. We also have a vegetable plot which we have recently started where we have sown pumpkins and sunflowers and watched them grow into fine specimens. But one Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago I was eager to get on with the job of sowing my salad seeds. Lettuce, spring onions, carrots and an outdoor variety of tomato, which had been a great success last season. So I directed the two young ladies over to the tree house where they were contented for a time playing house and mixing up all sorts of concoctions for a tea party. But then curiosity got the better of them as it does and I watched with dubious doubt as they began to approach me with offers of ‘help’ for dad. So I resigned myself to try and be patient with them and proceeded to organize the seed sowing with my four extra eager hands and the forty thousand questions that also comes with them.

Sowing SeedsThe prevailing wind was quite strong that day with the result of me watching in horror as my delicate seeds were being spread to everywhere in the garden except my neat shallow drills. So after much stress and many bold words from daddy, I gave in and decided that this was not working and decided to leave it until another day, when in the future I was purchasing my seed packets I would make sure to buy an extra packet or two for young hands to sow as they wanted to. Either that or just wait until the little feckers were gone to bed!

Paul from Rosslare Harbour, Wexford