Instructions for use


Ocean Leaves® Liquid Seaweed Extract All-Purpose Plant Food
Instructions for Use: Shake container well before each use. Add the required amount of solution to water in a watering can or sprayer and stir.

Treatment Dilution Rates
(Solution to Water)
Instructions for Use
Propagation: 15ml: 6 Litres Apply as a root drench each time water is required.
Transplanting: 15ml: 6 Litres Drench rootball in solution before transplanting.
Growing on & Mature Plants: 30ml: 6 Litres Apply either as a root drench or as a foliar spray, thoroughly wetting the leaves, every 10 – 14 days during growing season.
Fruit crops, Tomatoes and Salad crops: 30ml: 6 Litres Spray several times before & during growing season.
Lawns & Turf: For each 12m2 area, apply 30ml of solution mixed in 6 Litres of water Apply monthly during the growing season.